With this online shop we try to contribute to greater sustainability and social awareness. As a small company, we do this in the following ways:

Many of the items offered in our online shop are purchased from non-profit thrift stores, such as the second-hand shops of the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, church organizations and other charity shops. The proceeds of these shops go to good causes in order to combat poverty or to provide financial support in conflict areas. The shops are often run by volunteers and/or people with a labour market disadvantage.

All the tableware we sell is second-hand and therefore used. By selling this, the tableware is given a second or third life, thanks to the high quality of the original production, which gives it a longer lifespan and prevents it from ending up in the waste dump.

With the environment in mind, all orders are packaged in biobased bubble wrap with the 'I'm Green' hallmark, biodegradable filling material made from plant-based starch and they are shipped in environmentally friendly sourced cardboard boxes. In addition, we try to package orders as compactly as possible to avoid excess waste, but at the same time ensure that the often fragile items arrive to you sufficiently protected and intact.

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