Gustavsberg is a Swedish porcelain factory in Stockholm. The company was established in 1825 by Vorort Gustavsberg.

In 1942, artistic leader of the porcelain factory Wilhelm Kåge, set up the Gustavsberg Studio, a pioneering artistic project that would give a great deal of publicity to the factory involving unique works of art made of porcelain. Kåge designed dozens of vases, glasses, bowls and over thirty different dinner sets, focusing on a broad public that could afford the relatively low prices. The clay he had experimented with since the 20s, and that he used for the objects he designed, was taken from the Farsta Bay, near Stockholm.

Kåge was succeeded by Stig Lindberg in 1949, who carried on the job by creating his own designs. The porcelain he designed in the 50s and 60s can be found in art collections all over the world. During these decades, Lindberg was rated among Sweden's greatest designers.


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